Friday, August 18, 2017


Are the Guidelines compulsory?

There are no legal requirements to apply for registration of defibrillators therefore conformance with the Guidelines only apply to applicants seeking registration (p. 8 Guidelines).

Is the AEDDR a government body?

No the AEDDR is not a government body. The AEDDR is a voluntary accreditation scheme. Conformance only applies to applicants seeking registration.

What was the consultation process?

The development of the Guidelines included consultation with industry stakeholders (p. 7). Development involved a comprehensive examination of current trends and practices of AED deployment together with extensive research into AED use in the workplace and in public spaces. User feedback on the Guidelines is encouraged and may be directed in writing by completing Form 14E and sending to Principal Manager, Technical Document at

Is the AEDDR affiliated with any other organisation?

No. While the AEDDR was an initiative of the Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation, it is totally independent from the Foundation (and industry).