Friday, August 18, 2017

Terms of Service

Terms of Service
The standards set out in this document represent the policy of the AED Deployment Registry.  This document is subject to review from time to time in response to regulatory developments, changing needs and user feedback. We welcome any comments and suggestions. Please send them to the Principal Manager, Technical Document at  For distribution enquiries please contact the Contact Officer on 1300 USE-AED (873 233) or


This publication has been created for use in the deployment, maintenance and operation of AED systems, or on behalf of, the AED Deployment Registry.
Where this publication is used for purposes other than in the AEDDR’s AED System guidelines, the AEDDR gives no warranties as to the completeness, accuracy or adequacy of this publication or any parts thereof.  The AEDDR accepts no responsibility or liability upon any basis whatsoever for anything contained in, or omitted from, this publication or for the consequences of the use or misuse of the whole, or part, of this publication.