Friday, August 18, 2017

About Us

The AED Deployment Registry (AEDDR) is a non-legislative national policy body and voluntary accreditation scheme for the proper deployment of AEDs in workplaces and public spaces

The members of the Board of the AEDDR are committed to conducting themselves at all times with courtesy, integrity, honesty and transparency. They will respect all those who are members of the AEDDR or who have any dealings of any nature whatsoever with the AEDDR.

The mission of the AEDDR, to which the Board is committed whole-heartedly and without reservation, is to have the AEDDR known and recognised as the trustworthy standard for outstanding excellence in Australia and the world.

The qualities that govern the conduct of the AEDDR and all of its communications are those of loyalty, truthfulness, perseverance, courage, clarity, diligence, reliability, independence, reasonableness, and openness to ideas and improvement.

The Board undertakes to always maintain these high standards of best practice, to submit the AEDDR to independent audit and to communicate with all members and stakeholders properly and openly, with reasonable regularity, about matters that may affect it or the AEDDR.