Friday, August 18, 2017

Our Aim

The purpose of the AEDDR is to save lives. It will do this by ensuring that AEDs throughout Australia and the world meet standards of safety, reliability, effective capability and ease of use, and that all associated training is effective, of high-quality standard, and delivered with sufficient regularity and efficiency that users in workplaces and elsewhere will be enabled to confidently save lives.

The functions of the AEDDR include the following:

  • it maintains and updates these Specifications
  • it facilitates the registration, accreditation and certification of AEDs
  • it facilitates AED deployment safeguards
  • it collects data following cardiac arrest incidents
  • it provides data to approved applicants for research purposes
  • it provides education and training
  • it provides a forum for suggestions and complaints
  • it seeks to continuously improve all of these functions

The AEDDR brings together key stakeholders to conceptualize and implement a national registry of data on both incidents of cardiac arrest and the deployment of AEDs in Australia.