Friday, August 18, 2017

Terms and Conditions of Registration


It is important to remember:

  • AED Rego is a fast turnaround service and you need to be available for us to contact you within 5 business days of submitting your request.
  • AED Rego is an assessment service – you do not achieve registration from the assessment.
  • The assessment fee is the fee you will need to pay to achieve registration of your defibrillator
  • AED Rego does not provide a faster or cheaper path to defibrillator / AED registration.

AEDDR and AED Rego cannot:

  • Provide specific advice.
  • Tell you how your people can make the best use of your AED.
  • Tell you whether the AED deployment gives the best coverage for your workplace.
  • Provide you with strategies or advice for protecting your people or your workplace.

If you need this kind of advice you should speak to a workplace safety expert.

AEDDR strongly encourages you to read all the information available in relation to AED Rego, including the FAQ’s prior to submitting your AED Rego request.

Privacy Notice

The personal information you provide to AEDDR in a AED Rego request will not be disclosed outside of AEDDR unless you have signed the consent for public access at If you consent to public access your AED Rego request will convert to public access application. AEDDR will collect and publish certain information about public access applications, including personal information such as the name and address of the applicant/s. This information is published in the AEDDR Register of Public Access Defibrillators and in databases in Australia and elsewhere.

Once published, this information is available over the Internet.

For further information about AEDDR’s handling of your personal information, read AEDDR’s Privacy Statement.

Last Updated: 25/8/2012